For Recreational Skaters

The Sharp Master for Recreational Skaters

Significance to recreational skaters…

“In order to skate well, you need sharp skates. They must be sharpened perfectly, i.e. exactly square and without burrs. I regularly sharpen my own skates on a jig, but it is a time-consuming task which requires skill. I sometimes fear that I’m not doing it quite right. If there were a quick and easy way to sharpen skates the proper way, that would be just the thing for me.”

Better, faster and easier sharpening with the Sharp Master

The Sharp Master is made from ceramic material and will not deform through use, in contrast to the traditional grinding stone. Consequently, there is no need to grind the stone flat, either.The Sharp Master sharpens better than a jig does. The Sharp Master sharpens exactly at right angles, because its patented design contains magnets which hold the blade square to the grinding stone.

Although you sharpen each skate separately with the Sharp Master, the symmetry of the skates is preserved. This is because an identical force is exerted on both blades.

The Sharp Master shaves off less material than a jig, so differences are less likely to occur. Furthermore, the surface structure of the sliding surface is smoother than that produced with a jig, because the grinding is done with a fine grain and perfectly straight. For optimum results, one should drag the Sharp Master across the skate 10 times. The deburring plate should be used on the last stroke.

The Sharp Master was developed by John Oudt, a former top skater himself. These days, John puts his passion for technique, quality and skating to good use developing products that help skaters improve their performance.

The only way to make sure your skates are shipshape is by using the Sharp Master.

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