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Reviews from Sharp Master users

Besides feedback we receive from customer research, Sharp Master users spontaneously give reviews on independent online skating forums. We found some on the well known Dutch website we love to share with you. All reviews below are English translations from the original reviews.

“…Now I just use the Sharp Master about once a week and it’s ideal”

For years my children participated in long track skating competitions and I sharpened their skates for them. Especially the beginning was difficult. Allthough I attended a skate sharpening demonstration, at home I never really managed to get the blades really sharp. On more then one occassion I saw my kids slipping on the ice because the skates apparently were not sharp enough. Sharp Master put an end to all the annoyances of simply not getting the right results, the dirty hands and the bleeding fingers. Now I just use the Sharp Master about once a week and it’s ideal. Thanks John!

“…Done within 5 minutes!”

The Sharp Master simply is a great tool: I get my skates sharpened within 5 minutes.

“…Perfect alternative to a sharpening jig”

I bought the Sharp Master and for me it’s a perfect alternative to a sharpening jig. Mainly because I heard from more experienced skaters that they sharpened their skates after every 2 or 3 skating sessions. That was totally new to me: I had them sharpened 2 times per season at the most. My first experience after using the Sharp Master was an immediate improvement. I have all four grinding plates, from coarse to fine. The two finest I use most often. As it is, I see no reason to whatsoever to buy a sharpening jig instead of the Sharp Master.

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