Perfect for Short Track!

A perfect additional tool for short track skaters

Short track corners are much sharper than those on a 400-meter track, making it much harder to literally stay on track. Therefore, short track speed skate blades are usually slightly bent, to give racers more grip in the corners. Also, the blades are rounder than regular long track blades.

Generally, short track skaters sharpen their skates much more often than ‘regular’ speed skaters, sometimes up to five times as often. Non-bent blades can be sharpened in a normal sharpening jig, but bent blades will have to be sharpened with a sharpening jig in which only the front and rear end of the blades are fixated. The bent blades do not fit into the slot of a normal sharpening jig.

The Sharp Master is an ideal additional tool for short track skaters. When sharpening the blades, the Sharp Master follows both the bent and rounded shape of the blades in a natural way, without the need of forcing it. The Sharp Master is small — literally “pocket sized” — and can easily be taken to the track. Because sharpening skates with the Sharp Master doesn’t take more than a few minutes, blades can easily be sharpened shortly before the start and between heats.

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