Diamond Grinding Plate Coarse (Black)

Coarse (black) diamand-coated grinding plate to order additionally or separately. See “Which grinding plates should I choose?” for more information.

Prices include 21% Dutch sales tax which will be deducted for non-EU customers. Shipping costs are not included and may vary depending on destination. The correct total amount will be calculated and shown to you during the check out process.

15,75 incl. VAT


Already own a Sharp Master and need to order new grinding plates? Or do you want to order more than two grinding plates of a particular colour? You can always order separate grinding plates in our webshop. For your convenience, grinding plates can also be ordered along with the Sharp Master, up to two pieces per colour.

Which grinding plates should I order with the Sharp Master?

With the Sharp Master, you have a choice of four different, diamond-coated grinding plates: coarse (black), standard (blue), fine (red) and extra fine (green). You can conveniently order up to two pieces of each colour along with your Sharp Master. If you’d like to order more than two grinding plates of one colour, you can also order them separately.

For the average recreational skater, we recommend the standard grit (blue) grinding plate, complemented with the fine (red) grinding plate. The extra-fine (green) grinding plate is a favourite of speed skaters who strive to achieve maximum results by making their skates glide even better by means of extra fine sharpening. The coarse (black) plate is suitable for rough grinding very dull skates or slightly damaged blades; the standard blue plate and possibly the finer red and green plates can be used for finishing afterwards.

Grinding plates can also be ordered separately from this website. For customers abroad we recommend to purchase one or two extra grinding plates as shipping costs from The Netherlands to foreign destinations are unfortunately relatively high.

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